Thursday the 17th is Norway's National Independence Day!

On this day the whole country celebrates! There is a parade of school children past the palace and many Norwegians gather and have breakfast together before going to watch the festivities. If you have the opportunity to arrive in Norway early, then this is definitely a sight to behold. Find yourself a Norwegian flag and a glass of champagne and join in the revelry.  

Friday Night

We start our weekend with a 1 hour Intro class open to beginners. Then we continue the dancing with live music and DJs. Locals David Skinner and Svein Erik Martinsen will team up to bring us fantastic live music! - until 3AM.

Saturday Night

Another awesome 1 hour Intro class open to beginners. Another awesome party with live music. The legendary Christoffer Johansen is going to charm us with his incredible voice and talent. After his sets DJs will spinn more music to make us dance - until 3AM.

Sunday Teadance

'What is Blues Karaoke?' we hear you ask - well, Moose Blues 2016 and 2017 set the stage for the musical talents of our dancers to be showcased. The levels of talent were unprecedented. This time we want to open the floor to more performers. So if you sing or play an instrument, please join in.  By providing words to those songs we know and love (but can't fully remember) we hope to bring more dancers out onto the stage. Dig out your favorites, warm up your vocals and experience the thrill of singing for dancers.  

If you need an instrument, let us know and we shall see if we can hook you up.