Anna Pitt

The most recent addition to the team after Oxford was raided by Vikings and dragged across the waters. The Oslo Blues community became her new family after having traveled around the Blues circuit as an enthusiastic Blues lover.


Francesca Vimercati

Francesca is a short, curly, hothead from the cold part of Italy. Don't be fooled by her size, what she lacks in height she makes up in power and hand gestures. Alongside the Panda, she choose the Moose to be her spirit animal to guide her into the savage Norwegian landscapes.  


Pål Schønhold

Pål is a twenty-something German who strong-armed her way into Moose Blues two weeks after starting her first blues class. What she lacks in experience, she makes up in silly poses, good humor, and endless spreadsheets. This is her second Moose Blues.


Sean Mac an Bhaird

Sean is a rugged specimen from the mountain scapes of Holland. He eats tartan for breakfast and keeps a poleax in his beard. Dancing with him is like fireworks going off in a cream puff. Sean's tame moose Bertram is his constant companion and, while not the reason for the name Moose Blues, is probably the reason for that smell.