Cultural Track


The Path to Independence - Museum

Despite Norway's reputation as a country of independent, free-range Vikings, the last five hundred years of Norway's history hasn't actually been very free or independent. Denmark, Sweden, Germany - everybody's been pining for the fjords!

So to learn more about how Norway went from an oppressed Danish colony to a proud nation of hikers, skiers, and knitted sweaters, we're taking you to the open air Folk Museum in idyllic Bygdøy. We'll start things off with a guided tour on national romanticism, and you'll have plenty of time to explore the rest of the museum on your own afterwards.

Meet us in front of the entrance of the Folk Museum no later than 12:00 so we can start our tour on time :)

Maximum 30 participants.



Who: This is open to Early bird/Full pass/Part+Saturday pass holders

When: Saturday 19.05, 11:45

Where: Norsk Folkemuseum 

How to get there: 

Bus: 30 Bygdøy from downtown Oslo to stop Folkemuseet. (Check schedules at

Ferry: From April to September a ferry runs from Rådhusbrygge 3 by the City Hall to Dronning, Bygdøy. From there a 10 min. walk.



The Path To Freedom - Hike

Did you know you can walk from Oslo to Sweden? We'll be following one of the routes used during the Occupation to smuggle people out of the country - but don't worry, we won't go quite that far.

We have a cozy 5 km hike planned through some of Oslo's prettiest forest, with plenty of time for socializing, and maybe even some dancing and/or swimming to warm up for the party later in the evening. The sporty types among you also have the option of taking a 5 km detour in the middle, and rejoin us for waffles at the café / cabin that marks the end of the hike.

How to get there: If you're staying in the city center, take the metro 3 east (direction Mortensrud) to Skullerud T. Join the group taking the 14.31 metro from Grønland T, or meet us in front of Skullerud T between 14.50 and 15.00. From there, its only a five-minute walk to the edge of the forest.

What to bring: No matter how good the weather, there's always the chance of mud, so wear waterproof, comfortable shoes. A rainjacket is usually a good idea, no matter what the weather report says, but if it's nice you can also pack a bathing suit! Don't forget to bring plenty of water, and maybe a small snack to enjoy on a sunny hilltop. 



Who:  Open to everyone

When: Friday 18.05, 15-18

Where:  in front of Skullerud T

How to get there: Bus 76 or 79, or metro 3 to Skullerud T.