Class Descriptions


Dáire and Leigh



Grooving Together - All Levels

How can you dance through to the end of the night feeling great in your body? Find the groove! We'll establish a musical groove in each song and explore it within our bodies; using 3 stages of lag to make our connection juicy!   

Classic Blues Moves in Partnership - All Levels

Looking to build your blues vocabulary? Taking some classic blues moves, we'll drill down into the mechanics to make them feel great in partnership, and use rotation to create smooth transitions between moves.

Dáire and Leigh


Welcoming Bubble - All Levels

Get ready to take your connection to the next level! The "welcoming bubble" is how we think of our shared space as social dancers. We'll work on breaking out of defaults and exploring techniques to bring more warmth, presence and connection to each dance.

Close Embrace Intensive - All Levels

Mmmmm-hmmmmm squishy close embrace is what we're all about! We'll get into the details of movement within our own bodies and explore the possibilities within this wonderful connection.

NOLA Party - Intermediate - Advanced Level

New Orleans: the birthplace of jazz; a melting pot of cultures and music... with Caribbean rhythms, Dixieland jazz and funky marching bands, we're cooking up a NOLA gumbo! With a base of stretch and rhythm, we're going to make our dancing extra spicy.

Big Band Blues - Intermediate - Advanced Level

What do Sidney Bechet, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong have in common? They all played the blues! As well as in Juke Joints and Honky Tonks, blues was danced in big ballrooms in the early part of the 19th century. We'll express the drama of the woodwind and horns with whooshy turns, and by getting low and getting high.

Catherine Palmier



Catherine Palmier


Blues fundamentals - All Levels

This class will focus on the fundamental steps of Blues. Catherine will invite you to work on basic Blues steps and give you tools to work immediately on your quality of movement and enjoy your movements and dance from the get-go.


Blues Vocabulary -  All Levels 

 As any other language Blues has a vocabulary, and we will explore and challenge ourselves during this 2h class. Fishtail, four corners, grinds, drag step, rock, shuffle, and more will be at the rendez-vous.

Further Blues Vocabulary - continuation  - Intermediate - Advanced Level

This class will give you an opportunity to further work on your quality of movement and vocabulary while exploring blues style such as shuffle and latin blues and ways to keep your quality of movement while partnering.